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Pressure mounts on Civic Center

February 14, 2005

Albany - The complaints against the Albany Civic Center stack up. In response to an open records request filed by WALB, the city of Albany provided us with a number of complaint letters.

The Civic Center Director Maddie Goddard came under scrutiny recently when six business leaders sent a letter to commissioners. The letter blasted the civic center management for being unhelpful and for driving away business.

In the last two years, the city manager has received a pile of complaints against the Civic Center staff.

In a 2004 letter from Alabama production Company Triple R, the owner says "The Civic Center does not always return phone calls and when they do, they don't sound as though they are very interested in our search for dates. I feel like I am bothering the management at times."

Other complaints said Goddard did not return calls promptly. Goddard said that's not true. The formal complaints came from customers and major sponsors including Clear Channel Radio, the Downtown Merchant's Association and WALB-TV.

City manager Lem Edwards says he's writing a response to the six business leaders who complained. However, Edwards says Director Maddie Goddard is meticulous with her operations, which some clients don't like. Edwards also says he's investigating complaints, but many may stem from personality conflicts not factual problems.

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