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Students raise money for tsunami victims

February 14, 2005

Lakeland - As they learn of the destruction in Southern Asia, students at Lanier County elementary school also learn the meaning of helping others. "Everyday they were bringing in more money for no reason, just to help others," said Dana Conley, Teacher.

The students started a penny drive to help the tsunami victims. In just a few weeks, they raised a little over $1,500 dollars. "It hit their whole town and teachers were killed and they can't really go to school anymore," said Taylor Blackburn.

Seven-year-old Taylor Blackburn got $100 dollars for Christmas, and put every penny towards the fundraiser. "When I saw them on the news, I told my Mama I wanted to give it to the penny jar that we were raising at school," said Taylor.

Others like Hanna Bennefield and her classmates gave up their ice cream money and emptied their piggy banks. "Because other people had no shelter, food, or water and they had nothing left after the tsunami hit," said Hanna.

"They got hit by it and we didn't and we have all the money we need and they don't," said Taylor.

But now they have a little more to help them start over, thanks to the generosity of these kids.

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