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Valentine's Day keeps florists busy

February 13, 2005

Albany-   Normally florists shops are closed Sunday, but this open sign at Barbara's Flowers and Gifts shows many are working hard in preparation for their biggest one-day event.

"We're not usually here on Sunday, but we've had several calls today and we'll have some real early in the morning the phone will start," said Barbara Miller owner of Barbara's Flowers and Gifts.

This is Miller's 31-st Valentine's Day. While many florists are putting in extra hours, she doesn't mind after all it's better for Valentine's business.

"Monday is a good day, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday is good, but Friday and Saturday's are slower," said Miller.

Barbara started at noon and will work past midnight, making sure customers get the freshest roses.

"We start out with a treatment in our water,that being very important and then we go from there with our greenery and we always use at least two," said Miller.

With over two-hundred orders to fill and calls still expected, she works quickly but carefully filling each request.

"It take me about 4 or 5 minutes to do a dozen roses once their wired and cleaned," claims Miller Today's efforts are tomorrow's reward, but the planning started much earlier. Miller says,

"Since the first of the year, you start thinking about what to order, placing your orders, getting your balloons in, making sure your helium tanks are filled, get your help, get your cars full of gas, ready to go, rent your extra cooling and extra delivery vehicles." She called in extra help to get all of the deliveries in this truck to that special someone before five o'clock tomorrow. "We've used the same firemen for about 15 years, and they come in and they know where their going, they can even route them out in the cooler for us."

Once an arrangement is complete, Barbara takes extra care to make sure the roses don't arrive bruised. Roses seem to be the biggest request, but mixed arrangements are also being prepared. If you haven't placed an order yet there's still time, but there's a good chance your florists could run out, at least that's how Barbara hopes it will end.

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