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Proposed food stamp cuts, concern food bank

February 11, 2005

Albany- The shelves at the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia are full, but proposed cuts to the food stamp program could put these goods in greater demand.

"We desperately need more support from the community because the need's going to be there," said Linda Humphries, Food Bank Community Director.

A potential one-point-one billion dollar cut to the food stamp program has agencies like the Southwest Georgia Food Bank anticipating more people will need their help. they've already moved into a new warehouse because of the growing request for assistance.

"Over the past two years we've obviously seen a 35-percent increase in demand and if there's a cut in the national food stamp program, people within the independent non-profits there's going to be a demand for more food," said Humphries.

The Salvation Army is also filling the gaps for people who find they don't get enough with the food stamps their receiving now.

"I had a lady in here today who gets ten-dollars a month,she has some health issues and some other things, well ten dollars a month is not going to buy her much," said Pam Barkley, Salvation Army Coordinator.

 With the growing demand for food assistance in Dougherty County both agencies are concerned about being able to provide families with ability to put food on the table with rising costs.

 "The price of food's not going down, you know it's going up so, I can see this being a big problem for our community," said Barkley. Both agencies say they are planning to ask businesses and community members who support the agencies for more assistance in anticipation of the cuts.

The Southwest Georgia Food Bank provides food for more than 100 agencies in 20 counties.

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