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School teachers suspended

February 11, 2005

Cairo- Teachers Meg Whigham and Susan Prince were suspended after taking seventeen students to Atlanta on a BETA club trip.

     One of the students was caught by police trying to balcony hop at the Hyatt Hotel. When police investigated, they found alcohol in several of the students' rooms. Nobody was arrested.

     Grady Schools Superintendent Steve Wooten confirms the teachers are on administrative leave. "The high school, they're not going to leave any stone unturned. We're going to try to get all of the information together possible. So they'll do the investigation, and at some point they'll turn this over to the board of recommendations for a decision on what to do."

     Attorneys have been brought in to advise the school on the case. As for the teachers and students, any penalty they are facing is still up in the air. The students could face expulsion.

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