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Doctors continue to push for Tort Reform

February 11, 2005

Albany- Doctors say big jury awards given in medical malpractice lawsuits are causing insurance rates to skyrocket. Doctor's also say they are being driven out of the business.

Cardiologist Robert Glover says many of his colleagues "Retire early, try to get out of the field entirely, work for a private entity, etc." He also said health care is getting more expensive as a result.

A shortage of doctors, especially in rural communities means inadequete healthcare for citizens. Dr Glover explains "Inadequate treatments, not enjoying the full spectrum off all of the medical specialties, not only basic care but access to specialist."

Legislators are divided. State House representative Winfred Dukes explains "Even legislators themselves, the people making the laws are somewhat split."

Those in support of Tort Reform are pushing for a cap of $250,000 in medical malpractice lawsuits. Some say that just isn't fair. "They are actually asking us as legislators to put a value on a humans life," says Dukes.

Doctors are hopeful the Tort Reform bill will pass. Dr Glover says he is"Holding on and keeping the faith for right now," while others have faith those effected by medical malpractice will have an opportunity to gain appropriate relief from the courts.

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