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Sheriff gets kudos for 1st month in office

February 11, 2005

Cairo- Sheriff Young has been in office about a month now, and says he's been taking the proactive, not reactive, approach to the job.

     The certificates on Young's wall attest to his experience. But he's the one who can attest to his first days on the job. One of his first orders of business was to make some office policy changes. "As far as wearing the campaign hats, getting rid of the baseball hats. There's no more chewing tobacco while on duty," says Young. He believes that's because deputies are role models. "A deputy is a very special person," he says.

     Young hired a new Spanish-speaking investigator today, one that will save taxpayers money on expensive translators. "He's going to be an asset to us, especially someone with our Spanish speaking community. Someone they can communicate with," says Young.

     Young is still hoping to get more deputies on the streets. "I would love to see us have at least three deputies on duty each day," he says. And he's also hoping for better-running cars. "Surely we'd love to see some more cars, surely we would," says Young. Cars that are also better equipped. Grady County is one of the few counties without Mobile Data Terminals in their cars. "They can do their NCIC or background checks on someone," says Young. Now, deputies call everything in manually, which takes extra time.

     But overall, Young says "everything is going smooth. We're going to do whatever it takes."

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