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Got the flu? Join the club

February 11, 2005

Albany-- Cold and flu cases are surging in South Georgia. And, district health officials are confirm the first flu cases of the season. The nursing supervisor at Albany Internal Medicine says they've treated four patients with the flu this week, the first of the season.

She says many more patients are complaining of hacking coughs and congestion. Upper respiratory infections and the flu can't be treated with antibiotics. So the best remedy is rest and over-the-counter symptom relievers.

Here are some warning signs that tell you, you need to see a doctor. "If they have severe symptoms like chest pain or a fever over 101. If the sickness lasts more than 7 days, they're aching, their low grade fever persists, and a cough they can't seem to shake," said Registered Nurse Gwen Spivey.

Influenza is now widespread in 16 states. Some states -- including Tennessee and Texas -- closed schools. In Tennessee, 19 school districts shut their doors because of the flu and related illnesses.

The best way to prevent a cold or the flu is to wash your hands often. Also, if you're sick, don't go to work or school because the illnesses are very contagious.

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