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Quartet offers message of love in song

February 10, 2005

Albany- Meet Me 'N' The Boys. Giles Solomon, Derryl Johnson, Terry McDivitt and Smokey Miller make up South Georgia's only Barber Shop Quartet.

"There's about 35,000 or 36,000 barber shoppers throughout the U.S.," Solomon said.

"It's been around a long time. This is an original American Art Form." It's an art form that takes being in tune as singers and as friends.

"If you like each other you'll see it in the music," McDivitt said.

Singing on the side keeps them busy.

"We do a lot of banquets, and birthdays and anniversaries," Solomon said.

"Anybody that needs entertainment for 35 to 40 minutes," McDivitt said.

But once a year they deliver Valentines, wrapped up in a song.

"It's called 'Heart of my Heart. I love you,'" Solomon said.

This is their fourth year. One year they sang 57.

"That's doing one about every 15 minutes."

That's a lot of love.

"Everybody that we've done one for has come back and said, 'That is the best Valentine I have ever given my wife.'"

A Valentine that says "I love you" in perfect harmony.

To get in touch with Me 'N' The Boys for a Singing Valentine, call Giles Solomon at (229)435-9567.

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