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More Dougherty County students plan for college

February 10, 2005

Albany-"College education is really important," says Albany High junior Laquana McCall. That's the attitude of a lot of high school students in Dougherty County. She says"I'm already applying for scholarships on-line and in the community."

Community has a lot to do with whether these kids make it to college. College Prep Advisor Yvonne Williams explains "Certain cities are a little bit more aggressive and they're pushing youth to go to college and then there are some cities that are not."

Recent reports show more Dougherty County students are planning for college by enrolling in college preparatory courses. Reports also indicate that at Dougherty High, 40 percent of graduating students went to college. At Albany High, 41 percent; Westover High, 65 percent, and 76 percent of Monroe High School graduates went to college.

Albany High Junior Malendie Gaines says "I'll have financial Aid." Financial Aid and scholarships are out there to assist students in the costs of higher education. McCall says "Every bit of money that you can get does help," and it's helping a lot of students. Just last year nearly, 250 graduates were awarded Hope Scholarships, and about 4 million dollars in private scholarships were awarded to students in the Dougherty County school system.

Gaines said "I think I can make it,". and it looks like many others will make it, too.

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