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Preparing for Valentine's Day

February 10, 2005

Albany - Valentine's Day is just four days away. Even though it's a day of love, it can be more of a love-hate relationship for some.

Florists at Hadden's Flowers and Gifts are working overtime. "We've been really busy," said Anne Gray. It's a labor of love for a day of love - Valentine's Day. "We already have most of our orders from Monday morning. I would say we'll do at least 200 deliveries a day."

200 deliveries and most are, "The most popular is always the roses, red roses," said Gray. "We order around 2,000 and 2,500 hundred."

2,500 perfect ways to say "I Love You."

"Flowers are something you wouldn't buy for yourself or expect someone to give you. It's a nice surprise," said Gray.

Another popular Valentine's surprise is sweets for your sweetie. Workers at The Cakery are also working hard. "We have a little bit of everything," said owner Michelle Oaks. "Brownies, chocolate dipped cupcakes, sugar cookies, red and pink heart, heart shaped cakes and cookies. We have boxes of chocolate and gingerbread love shacks."

It's a mouth-watering list of Valentine's treats that takes days to prepare. "We work lots of hours. We don't see our sweethearts during that time," said Oaks with a laugh.

When it comes for these ladies to celebrate Valentines, "We would prefer maybe flowers, since we've been working with cakes and cookies," said oaks.

"I don't get flowers for Valentine's. I usually get something for my house," echoed Gray. So Valentine's Day is what you might call a love-hate relationship for florists and bakers who job is to make sure your Valentine fills up with love.

If you're still looking for something special to do this Valentine's Day, here's a list of some of this weekend's events.

Cupid Express rolls out of Veteran's State Park at Lake Blackshear Saturday night. Tickets include a tour of the Georgia Rural Telephone Museum with a wine and cheese reception. Dinner at Habitat's Global Village with an optional tour. And, entertainment and dessert at the Hobo Cafe in Cordele. Tickets are $65, and the proceeds benefit the Alzheimer's Association and Habitat from Humanity. Call 888-7676 for tickets.

On Sunday, there's a charity auction at the State Theater in downtown Albany to benefit the American Cancer Society. For more information call 446-1073.

Monday at 9:30AM, The Albany Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a senior bingo breakfast at Lockett Station Community Center. There's limited seating, so please RSVP to 430-5219.

Monday night, Thronateesaka is holding its annual "Valentine by Moonlight" - a dinner and special show at the planetarium. For more information call Thronateesaka.

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