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Snow flurries in South Georgia?

February 10, 2005

Thomasville-  Adel Ice Company headed to Garrison Pilcher Elementary School in Thomasville this afternoon to show the kids what snow is like since they don't see much of it in South Georgia.

"We live in South Georgia and it's been unseasonably warm. We just wanted them to know experience what it is really like to have snow. They came out here and they started making snowballs, and throwing them at each other, and laying, making angels in the snow," says kindergarten teacher Paula Lewis.

This isn't the first time the ice company has offered it's services to the students. "We did this a couple of years ago and we're really excited to get it back.", says Lewis. And the best part is, the fun only cost each child one dollar. "As we go on, and teach more about winter, they'll understand more about it and what it's like to live up north around all this snow," says Lewis.

The last time many of the teachers could remember an actual snowfall in our region was in 1988. They say based on that, and the fact many of their students have never even traveled to see snow, this was an exceptional experience for them.

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