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Infant fights cancerous brain tumor

February 10, 2005

Sylvester-"I wake up scared everyday," says Phaul Powell. She's scared for her four month old daughter Brianna. Powell explains"She has a tumor on her brain stem, and it's cancerous and it's malignant."

"It's hard," says Brianna's grandmother Bonnie Powell. "When we're in the hospital I have to go downstairs to cry," because she doesn't want to cry in front of her daughter.

Brianna is undergoing some major treatment and surgeries. Powell says"They've done one surgery trying to remove the tumor. "They've got some of it off," but doctor's can't cut out the entire malignant tumor.

Powell explains"They're going to try and do chemo until she's nine months old, and then they're going to have to do radiation."

The Radiation can have terrible side effects for someone as small as Brianna. Powell says"It can kill her brain cells," but this family is trying whatever they can to see that a miracle happens.

"They say that might be the only chance she has to live." Their hanging on to a chance and to prayers."God can make it happen."

Brianna is taken to Atlanta every three weeks for treatment. "It's hard," Powell says.

The hefty expenses make it even harder. "She's everything, my life," and she's willing to give everything so she can share her life with Brianna.

If you would like to help the Powells in their fight to save Brianna's life, an account has been set up for donations at Colony Banks throughout South Georgia.

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