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Kids enjoy a poultry paradise

February 10, 2005

Brooks County - It's their own little funny farm. "We raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, peacocks, goats," said Laura Perkins.

Laura and Joe Perkins started their business with 12 chickens. "Then he bought me an incubator for Valentines day and the next thing I know we had about 300 chickens," said Laura.

Add to that two peacocks, hundreds of goats and rabbits, and even more ducks, and you've got a Poultry Paradise. "Right now we've got about 1,000 animals, by the middle of the summer we'll have anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 birds," said Laura. "Everything we raise if for sale to the public but we welcome visitors to come so we can tell them about what we do."

Visitors like these three and four year olds from Hahira Head Start, who are anxious to learn about farming. "I've been petting bunnies, and it felt like pillows," said Lance Williams.

"The felt soft and they had beaks and I felt their beaks," said Alex Harrison.

"We've been told that children nowadays are four generations from farming and I just think that kids should know about farming, agriculture, and being self sufficient," said Laura.

And while they may not all grow up to be farmers, they'll leave with a better understanding of how important agriculture is in their lives.

Poultry Paradise is located on Yates Road off Highway 122, about 2 miles east of Barney.

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