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Albany woman takes police work into her own hands

February 9, 2005

Albany- The Pressley family is happy to have their stolen property back, but a quick search to find the stolen goods forced Dolly Potter to take desperate measures.

"The copper's worth money and crack addicts and drug addicts, they know that, so they get it and take it over to get money for it, quick money," Potter said.

Seven spools of wire were taken Monday from the back of a truck at Pressley Electric Service. They say they needed to find the thief before the wire was stripped and sold for scrap. "That's what we wanted," said business owner George Pressley. "It's worth three times as much like that than it is burned and we needed if for a job, to finish the job."

Using surveillance video from the store and a pawn shop, Dolly tracked down a suspect, Steve Johnson. He was arrested Monday and charged with theft for a burglary, but never told police where they could find the suspected evidence. "He had it hiding under a tub and we flipped it over and there it was, all of our materials," said Potter.

The Pressley's weren't fast enough, some of the materials were already sold. "He got the seven rolls, and he got the scrap also, but he burned the scrap real quick, and he got over to the aluminum place and the copper place real quick to sell it," said Pressley.

While Potter was lucky enough to find the wire and keep Johnson busy until the police arrived, she did take some precautions to keep herself safe. "I was scared, I was shaking, When he got in my truck he said I'll take you to where it's at, and my husband's pistol was right there, I knew it was there, and when we got there he was waiting on me and when he got out I picked it up real fast and stuck it in the front," exclaimed Potter.

Potter claims she didn't show the gun to Johnson, but wanted to have it in case anything happened.

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