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President's budget cuts community policing dollars

February 9, 2005

Albany- South Georgia law enforcement officers will be getting less money to protect you under President Bush's proposed budget.

In Albany, it's federal funding that pays for some of the Albany-Dougherty Drug unit officers.

But President Bush's plan will cut those dollars. Albany Interim Police Chief Bob Boren says APD will just have to find money in it's annual budget to pay for those officers.

"Absolutely. Our drug squad's been operating at peak levels and we sure don't need to cut down on that," Boren said.

The money is funneled through a program called Community Oriented Policing Services. In 2003, Albany received more than $140,500, Bainbride received more than $33,600, Leesburg received more than $10,000 and Dawson received $45,000.

The President's budget would cut the program from $499 million dollars a year to $22 million a year.

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