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40 days of fasting begins

February 9, 2005

Albany - "Let us ask our father to bless these ashes, which we use as a mark of our repentance," says Father Steve Schraufnagel as Ash Wednesday service begins.

Maria Peters says, "Oh it means getting very close to the Lord. I really feel like I am close to him, but Lent is so special. You get closer because you pray more. You sacrifice, you sacrifice in the name of the Lord. When you sacrifice, you're giving yourself to the Lord." She says, "Lent is a very special time, a very special time for all of us."

Father Steve says, "There's more to our life than just living on earth, there's also our heavenly Kingdom, which is what we prepare for and so the ashes remind us of what we have to look forward to in eternity."

Maria says, "You are born and die unto ashes. Your ashes are in the ground, but your soul goes to the Lord." Another Ash Wednesday service will be held at St. Teresa's in Albany Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

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