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Motorpool keeps the wheels turning

February 9, 2005

Fort Stewart-- Many of the Guardsmen are busy working on the vehicles that will be taken to Iraq. This is the motorpool where the 148th Forward Support Battalion Bravo Company is working.

The B Company is a maintenance support company for cavalry units and tank systems. They're the ones who'll recover vehicles and repair them in Iraq.

"We're sorta like the unsung heroes, but we love it,and so we put our best into it," said Sgt. Willie Fred Brown, Jr. of the 148th Forward Support Battalion.

Many of these citizens soldiers have civilian jobs as track vehicles mechanics at Fort Stewart.

But now, as National Guard soldiers, they do their jobs in Iraq. "I got mixed feelings. I mean, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, but my time has come so it's my duty," Brown said.

They will likely leave for Iraq in May or June. His orders are for 664 days.

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