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Student gets appointment of his lifetime

February 10, 2005

Albany- "I think its every American's responsibility to provide something back to their country and if it means going to war, then I'll go to war," says Robert Mobley, Jr.

High school student Robert Mobley isn't going to the war but he's, "thoroughly excited to be accepted to the Air Force Academy. I think all my hard work has paid off from school."

Robert has received the appointment of a lifetime to become part of the U.S. Air Force Academy, an accomplishment that wasn't easy. "I think it was harder for him to get accepted to the Academy versus going to a college," says his mother Nora Mobley.

"Their requirements are pretty strict, you have to have a really good grade point average to be accepted, " says Robert.  Robert maintains a 4.2 GPA at Albany High.  He'll soon take that dedication to his studies and apply it at the Academy.

He's prepared for whatever the Air Force dishes out. He's got military blood. His father Richard Mobley Sr. says, "I spent six years in the Army and right now I been working for the Department of Defense for 25 years. I'm gonna make sure the stuff he's getting is in A-1 shape."

His parents say they're not worried about the war. Their pride and love outweighs that fear but it's seeing him leave that will be bittersweet. "I'm very excited but I know I'm gonna miss him once he leaves. I know I will," says his mother. But they know that he's following his dream. "To have the privilege to go up there and receive a quality education to be commissioned in the Air Force is quite an honor," says Robert Jr.  An honor, he shares with his mother and father.


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