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No Wernick vote taken

February 9, 2005

Albany-- More than 150 Phoebe Putney doctors attended a meeting Tuesday night, where Dr. John Bagnato was expected to call for the resignation of CEO Joel Wernick, but that never happened.

Dr. Bagnato said during the meeting, he decided that taking a vote on Wernick's resignation would be "counter-productive."

Phoebe Putney financial advisors answered physicians concerns about the hospital's off-shore accounts, saying that the accounts are legal and have saved the hospital millions of dollars. And they reassured doctors that the off-shore accounts were not a slush fund for hospital executives, including Wernick.

Dr. Bagnato says he still has concerns that Phoebe allegedly hired private investigators who threatened a fellow doctor, Dr. Charles Rehberg. The threats came after Rehberg and Bagnato disseminated Phoebe Factoids-- faxes that contained what's touted as inside information about Phoebe. Rehberg is suing the hospital.

But after the meeting, Bagnato says he hopes the hospital board is trying to improve relations with doctors and the board will be more forthcoming with financial records.

Some doctors even asked Bagnato to apologize to Wernick.

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