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Bagnato goes after Wernick resignation again

February 8, 2005

Albany- Phoebe Putney CEO Joel Wernick is being asked to resign again.

But this time, it's the hospital's doctors who will decide to ask him to step down. Dr. John Bagnato was expected to call for the resignation at a meeting held behind closed doors Tuesday night.

That meeting may still be going on. Before the meeting, hospital administrators sent a letter to doctors warning them of Bagnato's intent. The letter also addresses Bagnato's lawsuit against the hospital and accusations of Phoebe being corrupt.

The letter says, "If Dr. Bagnato has any evidence to his accusations he has a legal and ethical obligation to report these to appropriate authorities and we soul strongly encourage him to do so."

Bagnato asked the Dougherty County Medical Society to call for Joel Wernick's resignation last summer which they did with a majority vote.

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