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More money for MCLB?

February 8, 2005

Albany - The Maintenance Center at MCLB is in the process of rebuilding and repairing more than 300 amphibious assault vehicles. Chamber of Commerce President Tim Martin says, "Equipment that's damaged in the conflict in Iraq is sent back here and it's rebuilt. That is some of that, but even vehicles that have not been damaged are being upgraded as well."

If the more than $113 Million President Bush proposed is approved, a service life extension program, or SLEP will be implemented. Martin says, "The new fighting vehicle is not ready to be built and so these upgrades, they'll be redoing the telecommunications packages, they'll be redoing some of the weapons systems on that vehicle, and that will extend the life of the current amphibious vehicles that our marines are using."

Martin believes the work clearly demonstrates how vital MCLB is not only to Albany, but to the military, which hopefully means when Base realignment and closure recommendations come out in May, MCLB will not be on the list. "This is great news for Albany," says Martin. "This is great news for MCLB Albany, this is great news for our Marines."

Marines which will now have vehicles properly armored and maintained to allow them to continue to protect our country. The program upgrade could mean more new jobs at MCLB, but Military personal at the Albany base did not want to comment on the budget since it has not been approved.

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