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Soldier Readiness Check protects stateside families

February 8, 2005

Fort Stewart-- At the Soldier Readiness Check at Fort Stewart, Lieutenant Trevis McCollough is elbow deep in paperwork. So's his wife, Hope, but they're nearly 200 miles apart.

"I knew there was always this possibility," says Trevis McCollough.

"He's always liked being in the Guard," his wife said.

48th Brigade Transportation Officer Lt. Trevis McCollough is training to go to Iraq. "I'm excited. Looking forward to working with America's best troops."

And his school-teacher wife, Hope, is on the home front raising their three children. "I'm up at 5:30 to start breakfast, get them up by six. Have to run around trying to get everybody ready." They're living separate, but equally important lives.

Like the other soldiers, McCollough is making sure his family is taken care of. "If something happens to you, this states that your wife will receive $250,000 worth of life insurance."

And like so many other families back home, "We'll just pray for Daddy and hope that he comes back safely." They're relying on family. "We're trying to help out. We're trying to get through this together. It's a family effort," says Lt. McCollough's mother, Fannie Taylor.

He'll be gone about 18 months. "I've left before, but nothing for this long," says McCollough.

Hope McCollough says, "It's kind of lonely being home without him but I know he's going for a good cause." "Tell everybody back home I love 'em and thank you for your support," the soldier says.

McCollough's seven year old son has a message for his Father, "I hope that you come back."

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