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S. Ga. band heading to the Big Easy

February 07, 2005

Cairo- The Cairo High School Marching Band has been chosen as one of the participants in the two-thousand-six Nokia Sugar Bowl.

       From the fast-paced beats, to the slow sounds of Amazing Grace, the Cairo High School Band says they can play it all. "We put a lot of hard work into it. And what we put into it we get out.", says sophomore Maria Vasquez.

       That's part of the reason they've been chosen as one of the bands to play at next year's Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Although the game is in the Big Easy, there's nothing easy about the preparations needed for the band to play top-notch. "We practice inside, and outside. We practice on the field marching, formations. Over and over. Lots of repetition out there. Till we get it down pat.", says Vasquez.

       Band Director Johnny Folsom says getting chosen is normally a rigorous process. "You have to go through a process of auditioning, sending in tapes and so forth." But his reputation, and the band's reputation preceded them. They were chosen to participate in the Sugar Bowl site unseen. "The Cairo band has been known through the years. As many people know, it goes back to the forties.", says Folsom "We'll play what they expect us to play. And play up to their standards. And we'll also get to showcase what we do best."

       The toe tapping during practice, along with the fidgeting hands doesn't necessarily reflect nervousness, they reflect anticipation. "You'll be out there with a bunch of other band people that can play just as well as you. So you wont be nervous. Band members say this is a once in a lifetime experience, and they plan on making Cairo proud of them.", says Vasquez.

       Folsom says that they expected such excitement from the students, but they didn't expect the parents to match it. There were hundreds of parents at the meeting to approve the trip, and many of them asked to go along.

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