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Family meth lab bust

February 7, 2005

Colquitt County - Methamphetamine is cheap to make, using household chemicals and over the counter medications, but it's also deadly to those who use it, and those who are exposed to the fumes while it's being manufactured. That's why Colquitt County officers are glad they put one lab out of business.

40-year old Michael Todd, his wife Cindy and their 18-year old son Levi, all arrested in a Meth lab bust on Friday. Sheriff Al Whittington says, "We've received information that Michael was one of the larger cookers here in Colquitt County."

While Officers found only approximately three grams of finished meth, They found a large cache of one of the ingredients for making meth amount 500 gallons of anhydrous ammonia. They also confiscated 23 firearms and several blasting caps.

Sheriff Whittington says, "We've got a meth problem all over the United States, but especially here in Georgia. We're an agricultural community, so the majority of ingredients are readily available."

But now, the Sheriff says he's made three meth dealers unavailable. He says, "This was a very necessary, and a good bust, as far as I'm concerned. This was something we needed to work on."

The GBI bomb disposal unit was called in to destroy the blasting caps and anhydrous ammonia found during the bust. Michael and Cindy Todd are being held in the Colquitt County jail. Levi Todd was released on bond.

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