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Students prepare for future

February 5, 2005

Pelham-  Thinking about the future.  The first step that leads to deciding what to do after high school.   "Well I hadn't took any now thats why I came here to see what can I do", says Rondrick.   High school senior Rondrick Hicks is part of an educational workshop at Pelham High School. His goal today is to be better prepared for life after graduation, a goal guidance counselor Verna Wiggins plans to help him and other students meet.

"I think that's the reason I went into guidance counseling because I wanted to be able to give young people something that I didn't receive in high school. I never had guidance from my guidance counselor in high school", Wiggins says.

 And for that reason, she's partnered with the Men In Action Organization to help youth be aware of all the options available.  M I A's biggest concern is youth and education.  MIA Chairman Charles Brimberry said,  "As the old cliche goes, they are our future and there's so much stuff out there to misdirect our youth today so we're trying to set a positive example and do positive things like we're doing today to help them get on the right track and stay on the right track."

Getting on the right track includes thinking about what career paths to choose, whether to go to college or the military andgetting prepared for tests such as SAT's and GAT's.

 "These kids need to be prepared and they need to know as early as the eighth grade really", says Wiggins. She feels that education is the only way to get on the right track and educational workshops like this get students headed in that direction. "It shed new light on things like what the Navy had to offer you, different colleges what they accept what they wouldn't accept", says Hicks. And here at Pelham High, they're helping students move towards their futures, one step at a time.

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