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Supporters rally for Fuller

February 5, 2005

Americus- In the heart of the city where Millard Fuller's vision was born, his supporters gather to pray for his strength.

"Thanks to these people I'm living in a nice beautiful home today, in a Habitat home," says Habitat homeowner James Wilson.

Among the group are Habitat homeowners like James Wilson. He says without the Fullers he'd never have a decent shelter, much less a home to call his own.

"I just know that God is going to work into this that he's going to be restored. He and his wife are going to be restored," Wilson says.

Jacob Battle says being fired allows Fuller to join the ranks of other great men and women who were attacked for spreading the word of God and doing something to help mankind.

"His character is assassinated. People are talking about him. They are lying on him, and all of the allegations are completely false," Battle says.

"Every time you hear either of them speak you know they have been with the Lord and they got there vision that way," says Betty Pope.

Supporters argue that it's not the Fullers that have done anything to hinder Habitat's growth, but rather it's the board that has strayed away from the vision it was founded on.

"With the growth of Habitat it's become big business as they say, and they have business people that are at the helm, and I think they've lost their Christian vision," Pope says.

"How is pulling the founders out of Habitat for Humanity helping Habitat for Humanity," says Faith Fuller. "There's no one who love Habitat for Humanity more than my parents, and to see them get fired it's laughable almost. It's so ridiculous."

The Fuller's daughter, Faith admits she's disappointed about what happened to her parents, but is happy to see so many others who believe in them.

"It is heartwarming to say the least, and we're just so grateful for all the people who are willing to stand up call this what it is. It's just a huge injustice. It's just not right," Fuller says.

Supports say they will continue to rally until the man they know to be a true Christian and founder of a life-changing program is reinstated.

The Fuller's daughter Faith says her parents met with President Jimmy Carter and his wife today. She's not sure what will come out of the meeting, but says they are good friends and have always supported one another.

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