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Charitable bargains abound

February 04, 2005

Thomasville- The Thomas County Junior Service League is kicking-off its tenth annual "Bargain Bazaar" on Saturday.

       The women worked until the eleventh hour on Friday to get the Bazaar ready for you. "Everything you see here is a collected item. Either from our members or our past members. Or businesses here in Thomas County that are just looking to clear out some things.", says member Bonnie Hayes.

       But from sporting goods and clothing, to fine china and toys, second-hand doesn't mean second-rate. "You can come to this bargain bazaar and find items like this that somebody probably spent 70 or 80 dollars on, we're selling for 4 dollars.", says Hayes.

       And not only will you find some great deals, you also might find some peace of mind." Any money that we make from this, either through ticket sales or item sales, goes to our many charities within the Junior Service League.", says Hayes.

       Disco balls, 70's music, and yes, even tie-dyed party tables complete the "70's a blast from the past" theme at this year's bargain bazaar. That's something members say should get folks in the shopping mood. "We have people lined up at the door at 7-o-clock in the morning. It's pitch black outside and we'll have a line stretching out into the parking lot.", says Hayes. The reason for that being there's something for everyone.

       The league put a lot of effort into making sure they quote- "raise the bar for the children of Thomas County." They're hoping to raise about 15-thosand dollars just from the Bargain Bazaar.

       The Junior Service League also makes sure first-time mothers leaving Archbold Hospital get car seats, and they provide eyeglasses to students who can't afford them.

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