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Students not afraid of overseas programs

February 4, 2005

Albany -- The threat of terrorism does not keep South Georgia College students from study programs in foreign countries.

More than 65 Albany State University students have already signed up for the Camp Adventure foreign study program. Their goal had been 48 students, but many more want to spend their summer in a foreign country.

 The students say terrorism is not a fear. 25 year old Courtney Wall spent last summer in Germany, and can't wait to go back. Wall said "You can actually live in a foreign country, and do everything they  do,."

Now the English major at Albany State has signed up for the work study program again. But the war on terror is no factor. Wall said "I wasn't in the Middle East, I was just in Europe. So I wasn't too worried about my safety.

 The students live on U.S. Military bases in countries like Germany, Korea, Japan, Italy, or Mexico. They teach and coach military personnel children and some natives of that land. Interim Dean of the College of Education Dr. Wil Campbell said "Your well round education is more than just here in the United States. You have to have that eye on this international experience, and there are just so many benefits."

 20 year old Terence Turner spent the last two summers in Japan. He thinks his experiences will help him toward his goal of being a journalist. Turner said "The exposure to different cultures and working with a diverse group will allow me to have a broader perspective of everything that is going on around me."

 The Camp Adventure program is paid for by the Department of Defense, and cost the students nothing. They also earn school credit. That's a deal more Albany State students want to take advantage of, even with the war on terrorism.

Wall says there is one other big reason he is headed back overseas. "I had so much fun the first time."

The students receive training on weekends in Tallahassee for their Camp Adventure Program. They will leave in June, and return in mid-August.

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