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Individual Readiness Reserve displeases many

February 8, 2005

Ft. Stewart--  Not every American soldier sent to Iraq goes willingly. Some troops are even suing the Pentagon over a program called Individual Readiness Reserve.

 Troops who completed their service are being forced back on active duty. Some of them don't like it, but we met one south Georgia soldier who's glad to be serving again for an interesting.

Specialist Kevin Wiggins is back where he belongs, back in the National Guard. "We're family," he says.

Kevin spent eight years in the Guard, and even served in Bosnia, "Six months on peacekeeping," he recalls.

He'd done his duty, but duty called again. Hegot a call from IRR. Kevin didn't get angry. He simply said "If the Army needs me to go to Iraq, I'll go with the boys I know."

He immediately re-signed with the National Guard and rejoined his old unit. The seriousness, the danger of his mission becomes more clear to him the more he trains for it. "It hits home more every day."

But if he's got to be away from home fighting for our country, Kevin knows he's right where he needs to be-- shoulder to shoulder with the hometown boys he knows best.

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