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Man killed outside his home

February 4, 2005

Albany-- Raymond Hawkins was found dead behind his carport on West Whitney just before nine Friday morning; He had been shot in the back.

Now Investigators want to know who would murder the man known for his kindness.

Family members found Raymond Hawkins' body. "I just seen him. Laying face flat on the ground," said Witness Jill Mills.

Hawkins had been gunned down in his own yard. "I've been knowing him 20 years," Mills said. "Never known him to even get mad at anyone, let alone an enemy. This is so shocking. He was a very good person. The best person in the world."

Hawkins was in his early 50's, and had worked in maintenance at Coats and Clark for more than 25 years. "My aunt said he left out of the house close to six O-clock. He went out the front door to go get in his car to go to work. So he had to have been out there about two and a half hours. Close to it," Mills said.

Hawkins' longtime girlfriend Minnie Mills and two children were inside the house this morning, but did not hear any gunshots. Hawkins' family stood by in stunned silence, as Investigators combed the yard and house for evidence.

Raymond Hawkins' body was taken to the GBI Crime Lab in Moultrie for autopsy. This is the second murder in Albany this year.

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