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Common Task Training will come in handy later

February 8, 2005

Fort Stewart-- It seems everything in the Army has an acronym. One familiar to the soldiers is CTT. Before the troops head into the field for live fire training, they have to be checked out on a multitude of skills they'll likely have to put into practice in Iraq.

Here's a look inside their Common Task Training.  National Guardsmen are learning the best And safest way to advance on an enemy position. "Move at a high speed."

 It's one of the many skills they're practicing. Like checking a barrier for booby traps. They're skills the Army simply calls Common Tasks.

Ron Carroll said, "Is it an answer for everything? Probably not, but it's a baseline for us to be able to be prepared when we go over."

One thing these soldiers have to be prepared for. That's why Staff Sergeant Robert Collier is teaching these troops the basics of field first aid. "Oh, it's very important, sir."

And the soldiers know it's a fact of war that what they learn here, like learning how to treat shock, They'll probably have to put into practice.

 "Learn how to apply pressure dressings," Ron says. "Learn how to transport and evacuate casualties."

Evacuating casualties from a battlefield in Iraq. The soldiers also know learning how to treat a wounded buddy may be one of the most important things they train for.

"We fight as a team and come back as a team," Collier said.A team completing common tasks with uncommon valor.

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