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Businessman's road complaint

February 3, 2005

Thomasville- The conditions are so bad at one railroad crossing in Thomasville, that some drivers are losing their hubcaps.

Charles Shepard says the flying discs are posing a threat to both his business and customers. Drivers who are familiar with the railroad crossing on West Jackson, just before Neel street slam on their brakes. Those who don't know it fly over the pothole-ridden crossing at full speed. That has Charles Shepard of Shepard's Bait and Tackle worried about his property and customers. "The spikes are sticking up out of the ground and the hubcaps are coming up here towards the store, hitting the boats out front.", he says.

The Department of Transportation has patched the holes and spikes before, but as Shepard complains time and time again, that doesn't do the job. "Asphalt just bounces out when the big trucks come by. It won't stay in there.", says Shepard.

He's even taken the problem to the city council several times without luck. "The city, they've had it on the agenda a few times. But they just haven't accomplished anything. I don't know what the hold-up is.", says Shepard.

It's come to the point that Sheperd has come to his wits' end. Now, he's just concerned that an annoying problem will become a dangerous problem. "They try to pick up the hubcaps that land in the middle of the road. But the elderly, they can't get out of the way with the heavy traffic out there.", says Shepard.

Road crews say asphalt is generally sufficient, but that in severe cases there may be more work needed. But Sheperd says that if something serious does happen on his property as a result of the hubcaps, he'd be held liable.

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