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Buckling up in trucks could soon be the law

February 3, 2005

Valdosta - Georgia law requires that you buckle up in a car or SUV, but pickup trucks are exempt. The exception was meant for farmers who'd be get in and out of their trucks while working, but some Georgia lawmakers are proposing a bill that will change that.

"Every motor vehicle in my opinion, you should wear your seatbelt, it saves more lives than it kills," said Jeremy Kinsey, State Trooper.

Trooper First Class Jeremy Kinsey has seen countless accidents involving pickup trucks where buckling up would've prevented death and serious injury. He's happy Georgia lawmakers are considering a law that would require seat belt usage in trucks. "We had a fatality just the other day that we're still investigating where if the passenger had a seat belt on it would've saved his life," said Kinsey.

"I don't think they thought about the other people driving trucks and how many trucks there are on the roadway when they made the law," said Kinsey.

A lot of people don't wear their seat belts in a truck because they feel safer in a bigger vehicle than a smaller car. But State Troopers say trucks overturn a lot easier than cars, and your chances of being ejected are much higher. "The center of gravity tends to be a little higher in a truck and they roll over a little easier than a car would," said Kinsey.

So even if it doesn't become the law, its a habit that could make the difference between walking away from an accident or losing your life.

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