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A movie in the making, Millard and Linda Fuller

February 2, 2005

Americus- The story unfolds right before his eyes. Movie Director and writer Michael Rhodes asks"Who could have imagined that this story would have had these twists and turns?" "It is a twist. It's an unfortunate twist," agrees Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller.

Rhodes would have never thought up such a turn of events for his current project. "It's very possible that the first scene may well be Millard in an interview with you folks yesterday explaining why he and Linda were fired."

They were fired from Habitat for Humanity, the non-profit organization the Fuller's founded nearly three decades ago. "I thought it was such a compelling, dramatic story," but although the Fuller's recent termination will make this upcoming movie even more interesting, the story actually began long ago.

Rhodes explains the film will focus "Where Millard and Linda were very wealthy, lived in Montgomery, Alabama and had everything you could imagine but a relationship." "We came close to divorce. We decided we would totally change our lives," said Linda Fuller.

The Fullers gave away their fortune, worth several million dollars and began searching for more meaningful work.

Rhodes explains"In the process of putting together that first program, Millard and Linda's marriage strengthened and they discovered that by giving away so much they found each other," and found Habitat for Humanity, an organization that partners the rich with the poor, and leaves blessings for both.

Rhodes says"I'm hoping in some way to be the voice of all of those volunteers." and the voice of a couple who was just snatched from their life-long work.

Rhodes doesn't yet know when his movie will be released.

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