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Small hospital of the year in S. Ga.

February 02, 2005

Bainbridge- The Alliance of Community Hospitals is publicizing its reasons for rating Memorial Hospital and Manor in Bainbridge the best small hospital of the year.

It may be a small facility, but Memorial Hospital and Manor in Bainbridge is as busy as they get. The way staffers handle themselves during that crunch time sums up why the facility received that "best small hospital" rating. "When patients' lives are in your hands, you really have to go above and beyond everyday.", says Registered Nurse Doris Carmichael.

That's something the employee of the year, at the hospital of the year, agrees with, even after a 15 hour day. "If there's something I feel that needs to be done, I still stay.", sats Registered Nurse Angela Tyus. Case in point as to why everyone at the hospital says it's the staff that sets their facility apart from others. "What makes a difference here is the teamwork. We have great teamwork between the departments and the nurses that I work with.", says Carmichael.

"There's no doubt in my mind, working with the people I've worked with in every department, everyday, that we're the hospital of the year every year.", she says. But it's not the kudos and awards that keeps the staff at peak performance. They say it's seeing their patients go home in peak condition.

The hospital's community programs also contributed to the award. It provides school nurses to Decatur County, offers free annual exams to student athletes, and enterprise involvement with Bainbridge College's nursing program.

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