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New Marine machine speeds production

February 2, 2005

Albany-- The Albany Marine base has found a new way to speed up production on assault vehicles for the military. The base plans to double production in the next two years.

Replacing old technology with new-- That's the plan at MCLB Albany. "This has been about a seven month project,about a $750,000 improvement to our facility", says Colonel Pete Underwood.

That improvement includes an extension to the main overhead crane system. Workers are putting down fresh paint to surround the new workspace.

Underwood said, "This gives us 30,000 additional square feet to work in. It's gonna mean 13 more positions to work on." Thirteen more positions plus a new crane equals a boost to production of assault vehicles. Vehicles that leave the base must be in 'Code A' condition.

"We are replacing old technology so at the time this looked like this would be an ideal time to extend that craneway, give us a lot more capacity, make us much more robust, to expand to meet the requirements that we're currently meeting," said Underwood.

This new crane at MCLB has a 35-ton capacity. That means it lifts these LAVs more efficiently, speeding up the process, and getting them to troops in Iraq much faster.

Colonel Underwood feels that,"This is gonna be very important in improving our ability to quickly produce more weapons and material for the global war on terrorism."

More weapons and more material means more jobs. "We have hired about 200 additional people in the past year and we're still trying to hire about 200 more."

New jobs to keep up with new technology. The base in Albany is one of only two logistic depots in the United States supplying troops with much needed materials.

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