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Students start career paths

February 2, 2004

Valdosta - Valdosta High Senior Shantel Thomas is getting a feel for her future. "I've been going to the different rooms, visiting, asking for their menus and taking up trays," said Thomas.

She's not a student today, she's a food service worker at South Georgia Medical Center. Shantel and dozens of her classmates left the classroom behind to venture out in the working world. It's part of National Groundhog Job Shadow Day. "It's always good for students to know a little about what they plan to get into," said Sarah Jackson, Food Services Director.

Shantel hopes to peruse a degree in nursing after high school, and today's experience will help her develop the qualities needed to work with patients. "A very positive attitude and outgoing personality, friendly and kind," said Shantel.

Even though its not the exact field she wants to end up in, the work she's doing now is crucial in nursing. "A nurse needs to know about a patients diet and how to interact with the food service staff," said Jackson.

And she's working along side the best in the field, her mother Cathleen. "It gives her a good experience of what I do so she can appreciate what I'm doing," said Cathleen.

And one day others can appreciate the work her daughter's doing because of the help she's giving today.

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