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Educators learn to save lives

February 2, 2005

Albany-- Phoebe Putney is teaching principals, coaches, other school staff how to use portable defibrillators.

Since 2003, at least four south Georgia students have died of cardiac problems while at school or athletic practice. Now, many schools and colleges are getting portable defibrillators that can shock and restart a heart and maybe save a life.

Wednesday, some Dougherty County principals, counselors, and educators took a four-hour training session to learn how to use the defibrillators and perform CPR. "Having this knowledge gives us a better understanding of what to do if an emergency comes up," said Southside Middle Principal Johnny Scott. 

He says students have more health problems so safety precautions, like defibrillators, are increasingly important. "On a day to day basis, we deal with kids that have asthma and other health conditions that might cause them to have shortness of breath. So I think this training in necessary to have."

Phoebe Putney donated defibrillators to all Dougherty County public middle and high schools. The hospital already trained many school coaches on the defibrillators.

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