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Branch much more relaxed this year

February 1, 2005

Jacksonville, FL.--At Super Bowl media day, star players from both teams sit in booths answering questions. One player not afforded one of the dozen sideline thrones is Deion Branch, despite the face he is coming off a two touchdown performance in the AFC championship game.

"I'm gonna get on coach Belichick. He said he was going to get me a chair since I didn't get a podium," Branch joked.

Branch's sense of humor shows that in his second Super Bowl that media day is more about entertainment and humor than information. And with no chair to tie him down, Deion was prepared to spend his media day having fun with his teammates.

"Last year I was just so psyched out seeing all the people here asking all those questions. I know how to take my time sit back and chit chat with everybody. See I got my camera and I'm fixing to go around playing and stuff. I'm just having fun."

Another thing that is fun for Deion is that Super Bowl 39 is the closest game he has played to his hometown in his NFL career. All of his family looking forward to watching Deion from the seats of Alltel Stadium on Sunday but some will have to settle for their usual seat on the couch in front of the television.

"All my family members get to come down. All my friends, you know I have a lot of friends. Even though everyone can't come to the game, but they'll be here.

Are tickets in great demand? "Yeah, I don't have anymore tickets," Branch said.

Now that media day is over, Deion Branch and his teammates get back to work on their game plan for Philadelphia as Branch hopes to win his second Super Bowl Ring at the age of 25.

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