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Habitat Co-Founders shocked by termination

Millard Fuller Millard Fuller

February 1, 2005

Americus- The word spread fast today that Founder and President of Habitat for Humanity Millard Fuller and his wife, co-founder of the non-profit organization were fired from their positions.

The Fullers have had a rocky relationship with the Habitat committee for months, but they were shocked by their termination.

Millard Fuller's phone rang off the hook today. "It was a shocking thing that they did," said Fuller. What they did was give Fuller the ax. Trouble started two years ago when former Habitat worker Victoria Cross complained about Fuller. "What she claimed was that I touched her on the shoulder and on the neck and on the thigh and said she had smooth skin. " "That accusation is false. I didn't do anything to the woman, " explained Fuller.

The Habitat Board eventually ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove the woman's accusations, but then other issues surfaced. Fuller says "They started saying I needed to be out Habitat for Humanity anyway because I was a poor leader."

The Fullers, publicly critical of the board were eventually terminated from their positions and Habitat changed the locks not long after closing time yesterday. "Now I'm locked out as if I'm some kind of an enemy, like I've got some kind of agenda to do damage to this work. It's absurd. It's absolutely outrageous," said Fuller.

Not only are the Fullers locked out. He admits "It is very humiliating to get fired. It's an embarrassment," but he has hopes of getting his job back, "If that miracle is possible, that miracle of reconciliation," says Fuller.

Regardless of the outcome, Fuller continues to have a vision for the organization that he and his wife founded 29 years ago. "I hope that the work continues. It's what I've given my life to," and he doesn't want to discourage anyone from supporting Habitat for Humanity which has housed already nearly one million people.

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