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Civic Center boss fires back

February 1, 2005

Albany-- The director of the Albany Civic Center says she's a hard negotiator, and that's why some business people don't like her.

Tuesday, Maddie Goddard addressed a stern letter sent to city commissioners from six from area business leaders. The group, including the owner of the Wildcats arena football team, said the Civic Center staff is hard to deal with and driving away business.

Goddard said she's willing to make any changes the city manager orders. But she says, considering she's short staffed, the Civic Center does more than enough to accommodate clients.

"As far as I am concerned and see, there is no issue. You have to remember that negotiating contracts isn't easy. I work for the city of Albany, and I do not give up the kitchen sink. Maybe I am a hard negotiator, but I'm being honest, logical, practical, and I'm protecting the City of Albany."

The interim city manager says he's writing a response to the six letter writers, saying what changes will be made to improve relations and business at the Civic Center.

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