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Student collects goodies for servicemen

February 1, 2005

Albany --  Packing it up, and shipping it out. A duty that Albany High School student Che' Thursby says, "Feels wonderful. It makes me feel so good about it."

As part of her senior project, she teamed up with three schools in Dougherty County to collect supplies for deployed troops.

Her last stop was Lincoln Fundamental Elementary, where the amount of supplies collected matched the enthusiasm. "It feels great to be helping out the troops because they don't have that much stuff," says 3rd grade student Erin Warren.

"It feels really good," says 4th grade student Sarah Lane.

But the road to giving had a few turns along the way. "First I called the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, and they told me to call the Marine base, and they referred me to the VFW, and then it stopped there. They helped me so much."

Help that VFW Quarter Master Don Zirkelbach was more than happy to give. "When these troops receive these gifts, it's just like Christmas every month, and when you're away from your family, getting gifts like this, it boosts their morale tremendously."

A boost very much needed and being shipped from Albany all the way to Iraq. "They're over there for us. They're sacrificing for us. theyre losing there lives theyre doing everything they can for us at all times," Thursby says.

And for those reasons, she's doing all she can to ship these items with love in their time of need.

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