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Super bowl could bring big bucks to S. Ga.

February 1, 2005

Valdosta - If you're looking for a vacancy at Valdosta's Sleep Inn this weekend, you better move fast. "We're already almost full," said Rhonda Miller, Manager.

Football fans will soon be making the way to Florida for the Super Bowl, and many of them plan to stop here for a travel break. "A lot of them are coming in on Friday and Saturday, some are even coming on Thursday," said Miller.

Others are opting to spend the entire weekend here, to avoid overcrowding and high prices in Jacksonville. "Even if our hotels were charging rack rate which is between 80 and 115 dollars, that's still under 50 percent less than what they're charging in Jacksonville," said Marty Brown, Tourism Director.

Interstate 95 will be the major corridor for fans from Philadelphia and New England, but I-75 will likely be crowded too. "With fans coming from other cities other than the home ports of those teams," said Brown.

Tourism Director Marty Brown says because of our location in the Interstate, Valdosta should see a positive economic impact. "A person traveling in like this is probably going to spend about $125 to $160 a day here," said Brown.

Not only will people stop in Valdosta to stay the night and grab a bite to eat, its also likely that they'll fill up their gas tanks here before heading to Florida, where gas prices are a lot higher. "Many folks will see the price comparison because Triple A does publish those prices and when they see the prices on the billboards coming down to Valdosta, they're gonna stop," said Brown.

Stop to open up their wallets, and pump more money into this town's economy.

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