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Neighborhood speeders beware

January 31, 2005

Thomasville- Thomasville Police are getting the lead out when it comes to cracking-down on speeders in residential neighborhoods.

"It's like fishing. Sometimes you get in a good hole, other times you don't catch anything.", says Thomasville Police Officer Terry Whigham. Today, he was in one of those good holes. He was running radar in a residential neighborhood when he caught someone driving 16 miles over the speed limit.

That may not sound like a lot on the open road. But on side streets, it's deadly. "You could hurt yourself, your vehicle, other motorists, children playing in yards. Even run into people's houses.", says Whigham.

Part of the reason Thomasville Police are cracking down, is because those scenarios have become real, and fatal, on too many occasions. "You get all kinds of injuries, all types of cost to insurance companies, people who pay the insurance premiums.", says Whigham.

When you're pulled over by a Thomasville Police Officer, his car will have no less than a dozen lights flashing at a time. Part of that is to help identify the officer, and to protect him on the side of the road. "We've had several accidents where people have not been able to negotiate curves, have gone through stop signs at T-Intersections.", says Whigham.

By law, officers have to give you 10 miles per hour leeway, when they're running radar. But above that, and there's no question you're being reckless. "If you're doing 15 over you either consciously know you're speeding or you're not paying attention to the point it becomes a danger to everyone else.", says Whigham.

Officers say the majority of traffic accidents are in fact a result of such carelessness. They add that they're not only are they hoping to save the lives of other drivers, and pedestrians by cracking-down, they're also trying to save speeders' lives.

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