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Flights still delayed by winter weather

January 30, 2005

Albany- For three days Georges Guerrier tried to get home to San Antonio, Texas.

"My wife called me a day and half ago and told me she was dilated two centimeters," he says.

He was told that all flights connecting to Atlanta had been cancelled Saturday and that he should return for a 6 AM flight Sunday, but by noon he still hadn't left Albany.

"I am very upset. I've got my seven year old son at home, my two year boy, my pregnant wife ready to give birth and I am not very pleased right now," Guerrier says.

"We just want to go home," says Charlotte Galliher.

Galliher was also frustrated. She, her husband, and two daughters nearly gave up on flying completely and looked into paying extra to drive back to Ohio.

"We're all going to miss work tomorrow because even driving we're not going to make it in time," Galliher says.

A Delta spokesperson says delays out of Albany were indirectly related to icy weather in Atlanta. Because of the large number of flights cancelled Saturday there was an excess of airplanes at Hartfield-Jackson International, leaving little or no gate space for any planes to fly in.

But that's an explanation that seems to be of little consequence to stranded passengers.

"I was speeding. I never speed. I don't like to speed, but I had to catch this flight," says Lucky Mirwani. "This is my third trip over here just to take him back to the airport."

Lucky Mirwani made at least three trips from Tifton to get his brother-in-law on a flight. He thought he was finally on his way to India when the plane boarded around 2:00 Sunday afternoon, but thirty minutes later his brother-in-law, along with dozens of other weary passengers, got back off and were told they had to wait yet again.

"Instead of waiting another two or three hours more I'd rather change it for another two or three weeks, change it to the next date," says Mirwani.

Mirwani's brother-in-law may have had the luxury of extending his stay in South Georgia, but travelers like Guerrier were still at the mercy of a domino affect of cancellations caused by winter's wrath.

Most of the passengers were finally able to leave on a flight to around 4:30 Sunday afternoon and arrived in Atlanta about an hour later.

Delta representatives say they will waive any fees added to passengers' tickets if they decided to change their flight plans.

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