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New recruitment effort in S. Ga.

January 27, 2005

Thomasville- One of the biggest job bases in the area is in the medical field, which is plagued by staffing shortages. Earlier today, W-A-L-B News 10's Stephen Ryan looked at how that field brings staff to South Georgia.

Doctor Wayne Bakotic is so comfortable at Thomasville's Archbold Hospital, you'd think he's been here for ages. But Archbold's physician recruiter recently snagged him from Atlanta. "The recruiting here at Archbold was much more in depth than any other place I interviewed. It was very hands on. There was someone to answer questions, someone to explain things.", he says.

Being in a smaller area allows recruiters at both Archbold and other businesses to spend more time with potential employees, something they don't get in bigger cities. "They went out of their way to set me up with different community individuals, such as real estate people, to show me different areas.", says Bakotic.

After selling the job, recruiters sell the area. That's what helped attract Doctor Bakotic. "Thomasville also is in a proximity that is closer to bigger places such as Valdosta and Tallahassee. It's a good mix.", he says.

At the Thomasville / Thomas County Chamber of Commerce, there is a big push to recruit outsiders for such fields as the medical industry. After all, it's the top employer in the micropolitan. That's something chamber president Don Sims says can directly affect residents' quality of life. "The quality of life again impacts the ability to recruit businesses and industry to come into our community."

Doctor Bakotic knows he made the right decision because while recruiters also focus on the job, they say South Georgia itself is an easy sell. "People say hi to me on the street that I haven't seen, and that's kind of nice.", he says.

The unemployment rate in the Thomasville area is about 3.3%, much lower than other Georgia cities.

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