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Dougherty County businesses must get new training

January 27, 2005

Albany -- People who serve or sell alcoholic beverages in Dougherty County must now undergo training and be issued an license identification card.

Merchants are going through Alcoholic Beverage Control training this week.

The county law is now the same as Albany's. It holds store owners and their employees responsible for the sale of alcohol to underage buyers. 19 of the 34 businesses in Dougherty County that sell alcohol have attended training. The others must receive the training by next month.

 Program coordinator Tracy King said "Those that haven't been have until the third Thursday of February to contact me and get trained, or face the consequences of a fine and possible revoking of their license."

Tracy King says training and licensing alcohol servers in Albany has paid off dramatically with fewer D-U-I arrests and car crashes.

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