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UGA Dean has good news for South Georgia

January 26, 2005

Thomasville-- The Dean of the University of Georgia's Terry School of Business made a special trip to South Georgia to talk about something on everyone's mind: the prospects for making more money.

Local business leaders listened eagerly to P. George Benson forecast the highs and lows of our region's economy for the year. On a good note, "The smaller and medium size companies that you have here in this area are beginning to move. There are more jobs coming to the community," Benson said.

Take Thomas County for example. It's seeing an upswing in the addition of such businesses. But they are being built on an already strong foundation. "Here you've got a much higher manufacturing base," said Benson. "Your manufacturing base is about 28 to 29 percent of the economy in the Thomasville area. That means more job security."

But with the good comes the bad. The average growth rate in Georgia is still growing, but it's in it's fifth consecutive below average year. "Similar effects should be felt here in this quadrant of the state as well."

One way our region needs to help boost its economy is by finding ways to attract senior citizens. "They move in with pensions," said Benson. "They move in with investments. They've just sold their houses in other areas, etc. They come in with dollars to spend."

To have dollars to spend, you have to have saved. Dean Benson says he tries to hit home the importance of saving beginning at an early age. Atlanta and other parts of the state have transformed themselves into more of a service economy.

Dean Benson that hasn't happened as much in our region, which makes it somewhat vulnerable when manufacturing organizations take hits.

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