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BRAC hearings grow closer

January 25, 2005

Albany- Albany's Marine Corp Logistics Base is an important part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

With BRAC hearings only months away, the civilians who work here hope their work is remembered.

"Our Marine Corp Logistics facility and maintenance facility is keeping the war fighter, those boots in the sand, lean and lethal," said Tim Martin, CEO and President of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce.

The federal government will soon decide which bases to keep open. City leaders seem to think the base here is in good shape.

"In fact, we're expecting to be on a list to receive new missions and new Marines," Martin said.

A Pentagon attorney met with Albany leaders Tuesday. He couldn't talk about Brac hearings with us, but leaders still hope he'll take the city's story about the base back to Washington. What he could talk about was the war on terrorism, a war he says we're winning.

"It's taken a little bit of time because we can't just up and leave right now," said Michael Fucci. "We're insuring that the Iraq people are slowly taking responsibility for their own government."

These civilians are thousands of miles from the frontline of the war, but they know they're part of the reason this county's winning. They hope their trophy for winning will be keeping their jobs.

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